Sonntag, 17. April 2011

Winnie Puuh

With the charm, wit and whimsy of the original featurettes, this all-new movie reunites audiences with the philosophical "bear of very little brain" and friends Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Kanga, Roo—and last, but certainly not least, Eeyore, who has lost his tail. "Well a tail is either there or it isn't there," said Pooh. "And yours isn't... there." Owl sends the whole gang on a wild quest to save Christopher Robin from an imaginary culprit. It turns out to be a very busy day for a bear who simply set out to find some hunny.

Ich möchte bitte zu Winnie Puuh ins Kino :D
Da werden Kindheitserinnerungen wach. 
Irgendwie tat mir Puuh immer leid. Der arme, dumme, alte Bär ;)


  1. Ich will den auch sehn. Unbedingt. Aber keiner will mit. Die verstehn mich alle nicht :D

    liebe grüße, bia.

  2. Das ist furchtbar, nicht wahr? :D